Helpful Organisations for the Elderly in Bedfordshire

1 year ago
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How to find support for the elderly

Central Bedfordshire has a range of organisations that provide support  older people. Here are some of the most useful organisations that can offer assistance to the elderly in Central Bedfordshire:

Age UK Central Bedfordshire: This charity offers a range of services and support for older people in Central Bedfordshire, including advice on benefits and care, as well as social activities and outings.

Central Bedfordshire Council: The council provides information and support on a range of services for older people, including housing, care, and leisure activities.

ICB Bedfordshire: This organization is responsible for planning and commissioning health and care services in Central Bedfordshire. They provide information and support on accessing health and care services.

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust: This NHS trust provides hospital care and treatment for older people in Central Bedfordshire. They offer a range of services including rehabilitation, specialist geriatric care, and palliative care.

Community Volunteering Service Bedfordshire: This organization provides information on volunteering opportunities

Carers in Bedfordshire: A charity that provides support, advice, and information to carers, including those caring for an older person.

Mencap Central Bedfordshire: A charity that supports people with learning disabilities, including older people, and their families.

Please click on the links to find out more about how these organisations can help you or an eldlery loved one.

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