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2 years ago
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Helpful Resources to Getting Out and About

It can be harder to get out and about as you get older.  Not being able to walk as far or not having people around to take you out, or worrying about being a burden or going alone can mean people tend to stay at home.  But getting out and about can help keep you fit, stimulate the mind and  improve your well-being.  Luckily Central Bedfordshire is full of wonderful places, attractions and organisations that less-ambled elderly people can enjoy.

Things to do:


Activities and clubs

Getting out and about and enjoying leisure activities and meeting people can help keep you young!   Central Bedfordshire has 12 libraries that host a number of events and community activities.

Find out where your local library is here.

Contacting your local parish is also a good idea as they should be able to direct you to local club lunches, classes and social events.

Often local churches also hold lunch clubs and community events, so pop in and ask.

Volunteering when you have time on your hands can be very fulfilling, offering your time to help others not only gives a great sense of pride it’s also a great way to meet people and find a purpose. Click on this link to find out How to volunteer in Central Bedfordshire



If you struggle to get out the house then you can contact Silver Line on 0800 4 70 80 90 (24-hour helpline) for a friendly chat or advice and information.

Independent Age offers a number of guides that may help you if you are feeling lonely, or if you know a friend or relative who might be. It also offers you the opportunity to volunteer and help others who may also feel isolated. You can download the booklet, If you’re feeling lonely, from Independent Age’s website

Age UK Bedford also advice, help and activities to help bring elderly people together and  the Central Bedfordshire Council website also hosts a wealth of information on what you can do in the region, and have a list of accessible parks and attractions.

With all this advice and help out there, there is no reason to make the most of living in such a vibrant and beautiful county.

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