Our Employee Finance Well-being App

Our employee finance well-being app allows staff to track and access part of your wages whenever you need to, save directly from your salary and access financial help and guides.  It allows you to access money in case of an emergency or special event, such as a problem with your car or needing new shoes for a wedding!  It also allows you to gain immediate access to your wages if you pick up an extra shift or two – work a late on a Friday and withdraw the money earned Saturday morning.


Managing you finances

The app not only gives you early access to your wages but is a great financial planning tool that allows you to:

  • Track: review what you earn in the app in real-time, check that shifts are logged ahead of payday, and set payment reminders.
  • Access: transfer a percentage of your wages directly into your bank account at any point in the pay period, whenever you need for a small, fixed fee of £1.75.
  • Save: The in-app savings pot feature lets you save money directly from your salary and be in with a chance of winning cash prizes each month!
  • Learn: tap on the Coach tab for access to our education section containing tips, tricks and short in-app courses to help you make the most of your money and stay on control.
How does it work?

At the touch of a button the Wagestream app allows you to access a portion of your earned income, every hour of every day.

Wagestream do not provide any credit, and there will never be any interest charges and because Wagestream only gives access to your wages as they are earned the app does not affect your taxes or NI  contributions in any way.

Wagestream video

Check out the Wagestream short  film to see how easy it is to set up and use.

An Extra Benefit for all Care Staff

With the cost of living and inflation rising, we hope this app will help our employees to  keep  in control of their money and keep financial headaches at bay.  Its just one in a long list of benefits we offer our care teams to help make life a little easier and to recognise and reward the hard work they do.


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