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Our care teams are our most important asset and really are the heart of our business and our Team Leaders play a vital part in ensuring our carers are providing the best possible care. Find out more about our Team Leader for Lavender Court.




Meet Joanna, Team Leader of Lavender Court

Joanna has worked in care for the last 16 years. She has specialist dementia qualifications and extensive studies in health and social care. Find out more below.

What made you become a Carer?

My adventure with care began 16 years ago, entirely by accident, in community care. I did not even know what a caregiver’s job was. Helping others, especially older people, quickly gave me pleasure and satisfaction. This had a significant impact on me. My family was far away, and I couldn’t help them daily. After some time, I was offered a job in a nursing home where I improved my skills in helping people with dementia, so I completed the Level 2 in Dementia course. I took the position of senior care assistant. I was fascinated by the health sector, which led me to health and social care studies, which I completed, thanks to which I deepened my knowledge.


What do you think is the biggest challenge of working in care?

The most stressful situation is when the time comes, and you have to say goodbye to the person you cared for as your own family; the support of family members in such moments is challenging and sad.

Another challenging situation is finding the right people to care for older people because not everyone is guided by empathy, and some people treat the job of caring for older people only as a job and put money before the good of the other person.


What do you enjoy the most about your job in care?

The most beautiful moment is when the person we care for is smiling. This is what gives me the most excellent satisfaction and contentment. Supporting others in achieving their goals, ambitions, and dreams. Changing people’s lives and helping others to live their best lives.


What attracted you to work for Care is Central?

I heard very positive things about Care is Central. After learning about their values, I felt they were like mine, which confirmed my belief that I would be happy to join the team. Care is Central gives me new opportunities for development in the future of my professional career and helps me achieve my goals.


What are you looking forward to most in your role?

Meeting new people, new environment, new opportunities, new knowledge, and teamwork.

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