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Meet Kat, our Team Leader

Kat Quemby has been a vital member of the team at St George’s Court in Leighton Buzzard for almost four years and has recently been promoted to team leader. She has worked in care since she left college in 2016 where she studied health and social care. She’s always known that she wanted to work in care as she loves supporting people. Find out more about why she loves her care career so much below.

What made you become a care support worker?

In a way, I’ve always known I wanted to work in care. I’ve always enjoyed supporting and listening to people. I’ve always been a very caring person. When I was in school I volunteered with MENCAP. I helped out in an after school club for children with learning difficulties. This is what made me want to study it in college. In college, I studied health and social care level 3 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Whilst in college I did my placement in a lower school as a TA, I did this for two years, even though I enjoyed it I realised working with children wasn’t for me at this point in time. I started to get really interested in looking after the elderly and physically disabled. When I left college I became a domiciliary carer. I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed helping people stay independent for as long as possible in their own homes.

I started work at St Georges Court in October 2018, I enjoyed it so much here I became permanent in March 2019. I love it here so much, they are their own little community. It’s so comfortable and warm and friendly here. It’s like doing domiciliary care but in one place, still helping people stay as independent as possible, listening to their stories of life. Here we range from 55+years with a few exceptions so you get to speak to people from all walks of life.

What’s the biggest challenge?

This is a hard question because what do you really class as a challenge? Care does have its challenges but they all seem so minor when you get to see people’s happiness every day. Yes, of course, things like death can be very challenging but death is a part of life and it’s all about making the person and their family members as comfortable and peaceful as possible. There will always be challenges but it’s how you deal with them. As long as I can still make my residents laugh, smile and meet their needs, what else could I ask for?

What do you like best about your job?

Is it cheesy to say all of it? I love my job, residents and colleagues.  I am so happy to be a team leader here and try my best every day to make a difference for my clients and my team.


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