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Rob Templeton, Managing Director at Care is Central (CiC), has over thirty years of experience in the health and social care sector. His career highlights a commitment to enhancing the well-being of individuals and communities through great care services. Find out more below




Meet Robert, Managing Director

In his previous role as Executive Director of Operations, Housing, and Quality for the national mental health charity Richmond Fellowship, Rob played a pivotal role in operational management and strategic leadership. His emphasis on collaborative approaches and person-centred services connects well with CiC’s core values.

Rob has held various executive positions, including Director of Health and Social Care Operations at the military charity SSAFA, where he oversaw health and social care services on contract from the Ministry of Defence. His leadership resulted in successful service restructuring, winning contracts and awards for innovation.


Known for his inclusive leadership style, Rob places a strong emphasis on people-centred service planning and cultivating a positive, customer-focused culture. His dedication to social value and enhancing individuals’ quality of life supports CiC’s values of Compassionate, Aspirational, Respectful, and Empowering.


As Managing Director of CiC, Rob Templeton leads the organisation’s growth strategy, ensuring the delivery of high-quality care services and implementing effective systems and processes. He is a key member of the CiC Board, providing strategic insight and operational guidance.

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