Resources to Support Your Care Journey in Bedfordshire

2 years ago
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Contacts to help you on your care journey

Starting to think about care support for yourself or a loved one can seem daunting in the first instance but there are lots of charities, community groups and organisations that can help you find out what will work best for you and offer you the help and support you need. Here are some websites that can offer support for Bedfordshire and beyond:


Welcome to Age UK Bedfordshire – offering advice and help to the elderly in Bedfordshire.

Alzheimer’s Society – United Against Dementia ( – offering help and support for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementias.

Bedford Stroke Association – Your Wellbeing Bedfordshire – giving advice and support for those who have suffered a stroke and their families.

Home – Carers In Bedfordshire ( – offering support and advice to carers and people either caring for loved ones or looking for care support

The Disability Resource Centre ( – offering help and advice on disability resources and equipment in Bedfordshire.

Sight Concern – a local charity that offers assessment, advice and companionship to those whose eyesight is impaired.

Adults and older people | Central Bedfordshire Council – Advice and support on care options, schemes and funding from Central Bedfordshire Council.

Care Quality Commission ( – the National regulator for Care Homes and schemes throughout the UK.

Autumna – will help you find a care home and give advice.

Care Choices – Find Care Homes, Information And Guidance – leading directory of care homes and services with information and advice about the process of applying.

We are on hand to offer advice and help to those considering care for themselves or their loved one and are happy to talk you through the options that will work best for you, even if that means not using our services.  Give us a call today.

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