Looking after our Employee's Well-being

Our employee well-being is of great importance to us, we work in a particularly demanding and stressful industry and we understand that this can take its toll, so we have employed a number of steps to help our employees feel valued and happier in their roles.


Personal Growth

We want to ensure you are happy in your job and continually challenged in a good way. We offer mentoring and coaching, regular reviews,  development plans, and access to training packages to help you progress or reinforce skills to keep you happy and confident in your role.  If there is a particular piece of training you are interested in we will do our best to deliver it.  Our training courses cover professional qualifications and care courses to life skills and well-being.

Financial Well-being

Financial worries can be a huge burden and impact your mental health.  We have partnered with WageStream our financial well-being app which is available to all staff.  It’s a great tool that not only gives you early access to your wages but offers a wealth of advice and information on saving and managing your finances.

A Creative and Open Way of Working

We foster an open and collaborative approach to working.  From regular meetings with your team and team leader to SMS messages and direct online access to the senior management team through our employee platform.  We regularly ask for feedback on employee satisfaction and are open to any ideas for improvement from staff.

Each scheme runs its own social events and each year we hold a team-building event to help keep morale high and encourage a supportive fun environment.

Mindfulness App

Care is Central has partnered with Smiling Minds, paying an annual donation.  The mindfulness app is free to download and offers over 300 mindfulness exercises and meditations that can be done anywhere and at any time. It helps you keep track of your well-being and calm the mind.  We know how stressful working in care can be and taking time out to relax is so important to balance the busy days or nights.

Rewarding Hard Work and Success

We pay more than most care companies because we know the value of the work you do. We also run a peer-to-peer rewards programme, where anyone can nominate anyone else for going above and beyond in their work. We regularly celebrate successes and the hard work our carers do with monthly prizes awarded to actions that embody our values of being compassionate, aspirational, respectful and empowering.

Work-Life Balance

We offer more holiday time than most care companies at 25 days a year and we also pay for you to have your birthday off.  Ensuring a good work-life balance is pivotal to you being able to do you job properly, feel a valued member of your team and give your best to the clients you care for.

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