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2 years ago
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There comes a time, as we get older,  when the simple things can become a struggle and you may find day-to-day tasks a little harder to carry out.  You may have had a fall or have a condition that means you are less able and you may feel guilty about always calling on family members to help. It may just be the case you have realised that to maintain the life you want to live you need a little extra professional help. Whatever the situation the idea of needing extra care in the home can be overwhelming.  Below is a list of questions to ask yourself to help you decide whether extra help is needed and to understand why care visits may actually be a positive answer to your problems:

Can you manage your home?

Think about the size of your home, the help you need to upkeep it and whether there are any parts of your property not fully maintained (e.g., garden, spare rooms, conservatories).

Is your home accessible and suitable for your needs?

Consider how easy you find it is to get around your home, whether you need any home adaptations and how close it is to services or amenities you need to use on a regular basis.

What care and support do you already have in place?

Think about what help you already receive – this could be from a loved one, a neighbour, a professional cleaner or gardener. Is this enough, may you need more?  Do you feel you are becoming a burden?  Would you prefer professional care support?

Do you have any medical needs?

Think about the medical issues you’ve had – past or present – as well as ongoing problems or conditions. Think about how this impacts your life. Think about what support would make them easier to cope with. This could be anything from requiring bathing assistance to preparing meals or administrating medication.

What do you want from the future?

Accepting change is difficult. But it’s necessary to have a good think about what you want your future to look like. Be clear about how you want care support to improve your life so that if you decide to contact a care agency they are clear about a care plan that will add value.

The idea of needing extra help can feel frustrating and worrying, but we are here for a friendly chat to help you explore your options and put the best plan in place to help you live as independently as possible in your own home. Our care at home service means our carers can be on hand to help as little or as much as needed with shopping, preparing meals, administrating medication, helping you get out and about and carrying out household chores.

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